In 2011, Dan Bove founded Pause Ministries. His goal: to create a safe space for men to heal their brokenness in a supportive, Christ-centered environment by putting an end to the patterns and addictions that cause their pain.

Dan Bove

Dan Bove, Pause founder

The organizational vision was simple: restore men's relationships - beginning with their faith, then extening to themselves and their families. Participants found their grounding in one-on-one meetings, Pause groups, and Restore workshops, and lived in a community with each oterh in the Healing House. In 2019, the ministry expanded to also serve women. Today, Pause ministers to all who seek relational healing - men and women, husbands and wives - with the goal of preserving families and strengthening them for generations of growth to come.


To offer hope, healing, and restoration to a million lives; one person at a time.


Our beliefs determine the way we see ourselves, view each other and understand our purpose in the world.  Pause helps men and women move from chaos to calm in a faith-based environment.


Judgement-free and confidential, men's groups are emotionally safe environments designed to help individuals process their pain alongside others facing similar challenges.


Pause Restore workshops are clinical, faith-based 5-day sessions that assist participants in achieving spiritual, emotional, and relational healing.

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