Individual meetings are authentic, transparent, and confidential. Finding true freedom from our destructive behaviors happens one conversation at a time. It can be slow and painful, but when you are fortunate enough to have another person help you get started, everything can change.


Pause's men's group meetings are physically and emotionally safe environments designed for accountabliy and relational vulnerability. They are, ultimately, a place for indiviuals to find hope, healing, and restoration.


Workshops utilize a unique clinical and faith-based approach to assist particiapnts in learning how to identify, label, and express natural emotions, understand how being overwhelmed by fears drives reactive patterns, and how to achieve spiritual, emotional, and relational healing.


The Healing House is a residential house on the The Deaconry campus in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. The Healing House is a program Pause provides to men that need a safe place to stay. Men come to the Healing House for a variety of reasons including being asked to leave their home residence by their spouse, family, or otherwise find themselves in need of a place where they are simply not alone. The Healing House provides a non-judgmental community for 10-12 men who provide each other support. The men are expected to pay modest rent and help with house upkeep and participate in Pause programs. Typically men are assigned two to a room, which is intentionally done to help ensure men do not fall back into unwanted behaviors when they are alone.


Pause offers couples a discussion forum that is similar to the one-on-one discussion service, but is facilitated by two Pause facilitators (typically another couple). The discussions are predominantly married couples that are experiencing some form of marital stress. The cause of this marital stress is not limited to any particular factor, but quite often one of the couple is already engaged with Pause group meetings, one-on-one discussion, or have participated in a Pause Restore workshop.

Are you at your breaking point?

Connect with one of our male Pause Group leaders and take your first step toward hope, healing, and restoration.

Metro Duda

Somerset County Group Coordinator

A CFP by trade, Metro has been a long-time Pause participant and committed to his own spiritual growth and healing as he is passionate about helping other men do the same.

Brad Cooper

Somerset County Group Coordinator

Pastor Brad joins the Pause as a facilitator with years of experience in supporting and shepherding men to have a healthy, life-giving relationship with themselves, others, and most importantly, in their faith.

Eric Parker

Morris County Group Coordinator

Don't be fooled by Eric's expertise and knowledge in the pharmaceutical field, Eric is a caring, thoughtful, Pause leader who undersand the importance of faith in the restorative journey!

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